JAZ Pairespective Association

JAZ Pairespective works with Alzheimer Disease and related disorders patients, their professional caretakers and with those closest to the patients as well. Our goal is to help raise an awareness of the role of therapeutic gardens and art in treatment and increasing the well-being and quality of life of these persons.

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Jardin Thérapeutique Alzheimer
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Therapeutic gardens

Gardens which improve the process of healing

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Who are we ?

Thérèse Jonveaux
Thérèse JonveauxPresident
Neurologist in Nancy CHRU. She studies the communication and the intersubjectivity in normal and pathological cognitive ageing, and the relations temporality-memory and environment-behavior.
Reinhard Fescharek
Reinhard FescharekSecretary
Doctor passionated since always by the sculpture, his double talent of doctor and artist leads it to be solicited for the design of therapeutic gardens and green spaces.
Laurence Verger
Laurence VergerTreasurer
In charge of the valorization of the scientific and cultural innovation of the Nancy CHRU, her mission is to create link and to communicate on the activities in these sectors of the hospital.

Our prestations

  • Increase awareness around therapeutic gardens through conferences for teams from care centers and medico-social teams

  • Therapeutic gardens : which possibilities of subsidies/patronages

  • Interprofessional Exchange Days –targets landscape professionals ; doctors ; and psychologists

  • Therapeutic gardens : preparation of the conception of a therapeutic garden and specifications centered on the project.

  • Therapeutic gardens : visit of the site, study of the fronts projects of plans, analyzes total project and proposals

  • Formation on the therapeutic gardens and Alzheimer’s disease

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Our experience

The “art, memory and life” garden of Nancy CHRU was created 8 years ago with the idea and use of therapeutic gardens built for Alzheimer patients and patients with similar disorders.The project was begun in 2007 in collaboration with a number of partners* and was inaugurated in 2010 by Professor Menard, author of the « Plan Alzheimer, 2008-2012 » national report. Within the framework of the 2011 opening of a Cognitive Behaviour Unit approved in 2012, the team was expanded to include new proficiencies : a psychologist, a neuropsychologist, a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, gerontology care assistants, help from geriatricians, psychiatrists and neurologists.

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